Friday, January 19, 2007

happy little tree's

Yeah, ok, so I might have made Cody a felt tree with an orange heart on it. It might be stuffed with cotton balls from my bathroom drawer. Etsy has made me obsessed with felt. I'm working on a fleece scarf with a cute owl cut out in felt hand-stitched to it. I also made Cody a little pocket with a snap out of black felt to put his little shuffle in. It keeps it warm & scratch free. I'm a huge dork.

We've been in our house for 3 years! It was our 'house-iversary' Wednesday. Hooray. When we moved here, it was soooo cold, just like now, only there was a ton more snow. Speaking of snow, Mike B. is home from his 2 weeks of living in a snow cave in the Tetons. He said it got down to -32 and they couldn't leave the caves for days. Yikes. It sounds like they all got a little 'Shining' after a while. He came home with all fingers & toes intact, (no frostbite) so I consider it a success.

Other things...uhhh.... I loved the Shins on SNL last week. I really enjoyed the girl with the tambourine and harmonizing. It added another dimension to the songs. I haven't started taking down my Christmas decor yet...I am dreading it! I just keep putting it off. I think Monday I'll just buckle down & get it done. *fingers crossed*

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