Thursday, January 4, 2007


I just wanted to say hooray for the snow! It's grand. I know it's barely any, but it requires shoveling, so it's a worthy amount.
Mike left today to go to Driggs ID, where he will meet up with other hipppies and go live in the Tetons for 2 weeks. In a snow cave or some such other nonsense. What a crazy kid. He's been totally looking forward to it, and I'm happy he's got such a sense of adventure. I think he gets some sort of school credit for it too. All I know, is that he had enough gear in his backpack to keep Al's sporting goods in business for the year.

I found this picture from January 2005 of our cars in our driveway covered in snow. It snowed this much 3 times in a row! It was awesome. Plus, my arms got all strong from the constant shoveling.
Awww, you can barely see the Turbo.

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