Thursday, December 28, 2006

shiny new year

Howdy. Did everyone have a good Christmas? Besides the lack of snow, ours was fabulous. I was able to get Cody new snowboard bindings, and one of those cute little ipod shuffles so that our old ipod could stay home with me, and go in my new under the cabinet mounted ihome! ieeeee. it's the greatest thing ever. the ipod goes up inside of it while you are listening to it. It's amazing.

I got all kinds of other fabulous stuff, but I don't want this to turn into a 'what I got for Christmas list' so I'm done.
I'm always amazed at how great people are at picking stuff out for me, and how useless I feel at trying to get others things I think they'd like. We were able to hang out with my family on Christmas eve, and spent most of Christmas day at Cody's parents with his family. It was a good mix.
I can't believe it's almost new years. It's in no time at all. We don't have any plans, not that we usually do. We almost always just hang out & watch movies, eat junk food, and then if there's snow, Cody breaks out some of his fireworks we bought in WA and lets them shoot up in the air. We're kinda boring. I always want to have a party, but all of our friends have kids, and I don't know how to tell people they need to find a babysitter until past midnight so we just don't. I would like to have people over, firstly because I really like to make appitizer type food, and it's more fun to feed to more people, and secondly because my nephew gave us Pictionary, and we rock at that game, but have yet to be able to play it with anyone. Oh well.
In not so happy news, our outback has a crack in the head gasket (I think that's what it's called), so that'll be fun. It's always fun to come back to real life after the holidays.

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ShandaPanda said...

So yes, here I am...mulling over your old blogs just for fun. I love pictionary too but I can never seem to find a time to play it either. :-(