Monday, October 30, 2006

...just my type

so i'm actually NOT crafty at all. ok maybe a little bit. but JUST a little. i do enjoy painting walls, and buying stickers, but i don't generally make stuff to decorate with or scrapbook at all. so why am i posting about my craftiness then? because it makes such a rare apperance that i get all proud and excited when i am. it was cody's grandma's 75th bday, and hooray what do you get someone that pretty much has most things they need and can better afford those that they don't? well, i didn't know so i made her a card. i'm all kinds of happy about how it turned out, and because i always appreciate the cute things other people make i thought i'd show it off. hooray.

so since i first posted about this, i've been all into the making of the cards. i used to print out cards to send, but the evil lure of cute papers and little silver things and ribbons was too much to resist. i am just one step away from becoming a full fledged scrapbooker. ack! here are my latest:

and i know, if my scanner worked with my mac they'd look way better than the whole, to flash or not to flash pictures, but oh well.

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