Sunday, September 10, 2006

weekend travels

We had a fantabulous weekend! Our Land Cruiser club came to Cache Valley and we spent it camping and wheeling. It was all good times. Friday night it rained as we were setting up our tents, and while we were cooking our food (grilled cheese & soup on our Coleman grill- YUM!) and then conveniently stopped (ha) and was beautiful for the rest of the night. It was chilly and fun to sit around the campfire while we made s'mores. Cody makes the BEST toasted marshmallows. I don't even bother to make my own anymore, because his are perfect, toasty and golden on the outside and liquidy melted on the inside.
The night was super cold, and I bundled up but still had a hard time sleeping. My nose was so cold, and there's no way to bundle your nose and still breathe. Oh, and some people who were 'camping' in a huge trailer quite a ways away from us, had their generator on ALL NIGHT! It was noisy and annoying. And what in the world did they need it on all night for??? Were they up watching DVD's? Baking? Running several heaters? How is that even camping?!?! But I, in the morning I was grumpy and took a while to get going, but we left camp around 9:30am and it was pleasantly chilly. We met up with more people who hadn't camped, and started our trek. We wound through the hills in UT, into Idaho, and ended up in Bear Lake. We stopped for lunch and a few times to rest/take pictures, and once at some ice caves. We got done around 4ish, and most people stopped for shakes (Bear Lake is all about the raspberry shakes) and got gas to head home. We only had to drive back through the canyon to get home, most of our club is from SLC so they had 1-2 hrs more to drive.
We randomly ran into Cody's mom & dad on the trail, they were headed the opposite way as us in their suburban. Cody's mom warned us that they had 'just come up the most TERRIBLE road' and I was kind of worried. It turns out, it was just a dirt road that was rocky, and not even worth mentioning. Heee! I love it that our 29 year old Land Cruiser is more comfy on rocks than most new SUV's.
I was soooo happy to be home Saturday night, and slept like a log for like 10 hours. Here are some photo's from our jaunt.
the lineup of the cruisers on the trail

absolutely beautiful!

being cheesey at the ice caves

On a different subject, did everyone watch the season premier of the Simpsons tonight? Fat Tony has a son? Who knew? Also, we probably would have gotten more of the inside jokes if we had EVER seen any mobster stuff. We haven't seen any of the Godfathers, or ever watched the Soprano's or anything. I don't think we're missing much.

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