Saturday, August 12, 2006

toasty goodness

You know, the acquisition of my new hello kitty sammich maker, has really made me realize how much I love toasty bread. We've pretty much made everything in it so far, I made Cody bacon, egg & cheese breakfast pockets, and we used white bread with apple pie filling in them drizzled with icing for little tasty triangle pies, and of course grilled cheese. We specifically bought white bread to make things with, because we normally eat wheat, but you just NEED white bread for some things. Anyway, I found this wonderful article that pretty much says all that needs to be said about my love of toast.
Go read this now:I LOVE TOAST TOO!
Seriously people, even though it's summer, it just doesn't get much better than toast. Next week maybe I'll find an ode to bagels. Onion bagels with cream cheese.....mmmmmm

p.s. we're currently working our way through the 'firefly' tv series that we borrowed from friends on dvd. it's surprisingly good. i am *kind of* a sci-fi geek, but after watching 'serenity' i wanted to see the show that it stemmed from, and have not been disappointed. recommended viewing.

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