Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So now here we are, after 2 kinds of hair dye, and various shades of brown, red, purple, & black, I am pretty happy. The color pulse dye worked fine, it took more 'purpley' on my bright red roots, and more dark on my ends, but it's kinda cool. It's very glowy, like when I dyed my hair with purple manic panic dye many moons ago. My hair is now shiny and all the brassy red tones are gone. It's not perfect, because it's still all different colors, but at least the colors arent' shockingly different.
I think Cody had banned me from ever dying my hair myself again, but we'd both forgotten about that. Either way, in 8-10 shampoos my black will be all washed out and I'm not sure what I'm going to do then. Hmmm....I'll no doubt keep you updated. My masses of enthralled readers.

P.S. I got sick of looking at the picture of it so I took it off :)

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