Friday, August 18, 2006

Fuzzy Bunnies & Chocolate Cherries

Have you been to cute overload yet people??

Because seriously, ieeeeeeeeee! It's possibly the most addictive blog ever. More cuteness than should be allowed. It is guaranteed to make you smile. Just look at this crazy woodland creature snorgling!

Soooooo I am very much into some new tunes I have discovered. Who knew Ben Folds & Ben Lee (and ummmm one other ben that I can't remember) have a band aptly named "The Bens"? Fantasmic! Search and destroy (or download) at will!!

My big plans for the day include laundry (wheeee) and dying my hair. One of these things usually goes wrong somewhere along the line, and ends with me calling Cody begging him to go to the store and buy me another box of something to fix it! Guess which one!

Hair color of the day: Feria Chocolate Cherry (mmmm chocolate cherry!)

Speaking of chocolate & cherries, here is a link to to a recipe that I submitted photo's of my cookies to!
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies YUM!
They turned out way cute! Click on the photo to see some photo's of mine. Huzzah for recipes!

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